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Authority and Licensing

USDOT 308848 | ICCMC 241021 | NMPRC50281


Operators should be eager to provide proof of valid, current insurance coverage for their fleet. Because commercial passenger for hire insurance is very expensive, the incentive is high to ensure vehicles under a personal policy, if at all. This may not cover the client who hired the vehicle. This allows non-insured and/or underinsured companies to offer lower rates to prospective clients. There are many cases where clients have been successfully sued for negligence attributed to a vehicle under their hire because the transportation company either lacked insurance or was grossly underinsured.

While an alarming number of companies operate without insurance, quality companies operate legally. Las Cruces Shuttle is insured and meets the State of New Mexico, the State of Texas and the U.S. Department of Transportation's insurance requirements. You can verify our licensing and coverage status and NMPRC or Federal Dept. of Transportation websites by entering our name and license numbers.


This varies from state to state. Some states and municipalities have no regulations while others stringently enforce both vehicle and chauffeur licensing. You should check, particularly if you plan to cross state or city boundaries. In many places, the vehicle can be stopped and immediately impounded if found not in compliance. Most major airports have some regulation of providers, and if a provider is in good standing there, they are probably complying elsewhere.

Las Cruces Shuttle holds the proper state and federally required licenses and permits. Our numbers are proudly displayed on our vehicles and advertisements.


Anyone can sound beautiful over the phone. If you haven't used a provider before and time allows, always visit the company in person before hiring them. The time to find out what you are getting is not when the vehicle shows up, and you have no choice but to accept a poor product. While visiting a provider, not only inspect the vehicle inside and out but also note the cleanliness of the offices and the presentation of the office staff. It is unlikely that a poorly organized front office will train detail-oriented employees. Like most important purchases, it's best to look before you buy.

Las Cruces Shuttle will always try to accommodate your schedule in order to meet your needs. We encourage you to visit our office and see first hand the quality and condition of our vehicles.

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